Detections: NH3 • CH4 • HF • HCI • CO • H2S t i max cem

Gas Type: AIR

Its excellent sensitivity allows this analyzer to measure emissions from coal-fired power plants, cement kilns and other sources with high dilution ratio, thus simplifying CEM setups and compliance tests. Models for six different detections available.

Available Background Gases

Air • Diluted Stack Gas

Features and Benefits 

  • Part-per-billion detection limits
  • No heated sample lines needed for stack measurements
  • Outstanding speed of response
  • No maintenance
  • Each model is designed for high specificity to its target detection without interference


  • Continuous Emissions Monitoring (CEM)
  • Air Quality Measurements

Communication Interfaces

Ethernet, USB, RS-232, RS-485, 4-20mA analog, Modbus TCP (optional)

Options & Accessories

  • Serani Max interface software
  • Dilution probe
  • Linear fit mode
  • Environmental enclosure
  • Requires vacuum pump

t i max cem tabelle