• Posas GmbH
    Posas GmbH

Originally founded in 2004 as the European distributor of INUSA, Inc. and Lorex Industries, Inc., the POSAS GmbH can offer Ozone Analysers and Destruct Units.

Also we offer Sensor Products to enhance the Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) via Advanced Process Control (APC) like the Piezocon concentration sensor for precise precursor delivery, NDIR end point detectors for NF3 cleans, CO2 … and In Situ Wafer Temperature Measurement.

Applied Precision, LLC flow point controllers and upgrades are handled for Europe too.

Today POSAS is also a specialist for In-line Monitoring Systems of chemical composition and physical properties of wet processes, based on IR or UV Technology, for the Semiconductor and Solar Industry.

We are routinely asked to perform technical audits of Precursor Delivery Systems as well as Dopant Delivery Systems in the FAB and to issue specific recommendations on how to improve the performance of installed gas delivery systems for reaching tighter delivery control of the precursors as required by more demanding process control, or for implementing a more cost-effective use of precursor chemicals.

Based on Continuous Wave Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy (CW-CRDS), we offer dedicated trace analyzers and ambient air monitors for a myriad of species, including moisture, ammonia, methane, oxygen, hydrogen bromide, hydrogen fluoride, hydrogen chloride, formaldehyde, and more. The instruments work in a wide range of matrices, including toxic, corrosive, and hydride gases.

We also offer a new Dopant Mixing and Delivery System (DMDS) to improve doping concentration control and to lower the operating cost significantly.


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