Detections: H2O 

Gas Type: UHP • SP

This analyzers was specifically designed for the analysis of moisture in ultra-pure ammonia used for the production of high-brightness LEDs and other specialized semiconductor devices. It offers the lowest H2O detection limit in the industry without background interference thanks to low pressure operation.

Available Background Gases

N2 • He • Ar • NH3

Features and Benefits 

  • Single-digit part-per-billion detection limit in pure NH3
  • Calibration-free with zero drift
  • No consumables or maintenance
  • No vibration sensitivity


  • High-brightness LED production
  • Semiconductor specialty gas
  • UHP ammonia QC

Communication Interfaces

Ethernet, USB, RS-232, RS-485, 4-20mA analog, Modbus TCP (optional)

Options & Accessories

  • Serani Max interface software 
  • Speed+ performance upgrade
  • Requires vacuum pump

alohah2o tabelle