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Dissolved Ozone Destruct Unit SOD to Integrate / Upgrade into a Wet Bench or Spray Tool

Ozone is widely used in the Semiconductor Industry, so draining of water and acids containing Ozone is a common problem. As Ozone is too dangerous, Ozone has to be destroyed before it leaves the equipment into the drain system of a FAB. This UV based Ozone destruct unit can be integrated into the wet equipment. Ozone can be effectively removed down to harmless levels  below 1ppm. This means the drain will last longer, no Ozone outgasses from the solution, and therefore no Ozone is distributed on the FAB via the drain.

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UV based Ozone Destruct Unit SOD-120-2-OEM - Coated on the Interior and Exterior


UV treatment chamber with negative irradiation geometry

Material 1.4404 according to DIN 11850
Coated with Safecoat 1348 (dark blue) on the interior and exterior
Connections 1" Flaretek, others available
seals PTFE, Kalrez, / Viton (no contact to fluid!)
Unloaden weight app. 9 kg
Mounting direction can be mounted vertically or horizontally



Height 550 mm
Flange distance 300 mm
Diameter 237 mm


Operating Conditions

Water temperture 5 - 60 °C
Ambient temperature max. 30 °C
Max. operating pressure 4 bar
Pressure drop <0.02 bar
Degree of protection IP 65
Operating voltage 120 or 240 V; 50/60 Hz
Connected load 270 W


UV emitter

Number 2 pieces
Low pressure emitter 120 W
Radiant flux 254 nm > 22,8 W
Operating life 8,000 h
Cable 6 m long, PTFE
Protective sleeve 2 Pieces (Material: quartz)

 Electronic ballast (EB) 2 x120 W (double EB) Temperature sensor (1 threshold at T = 80 °C) available


Further Specifications

Flow rates 1 -20 l/min.
Maximal service life (fluid-filled, no flow) 2 h
Ozone concentration in the effluent < 1 ppm
Incoming ozone concentration 10 - 250 ppm
Ozone reduction > 96 %